Energy Healing (Reiki)

The Japanese practice of transferring energy from practitioner to client, via bodily energy fields, began over 200 years ago.  It is a holistic healing technique that has no side effects and is completely non-invasive.  Energy healing is often used to treat pain, reduce emotional stress as well as to alleviate the symptoms of various medical conditions.

Every living organism contains energy that is its vital life force.  Freely flowing energy enables overall wellbeing which is prevented when there are one or more blockages.  The goal of energy healing is to help remove any blockages so that energy can once again flow freely.  This can be accomplished either by light touch, hovering the hands over specific body locations or a combination of both.  Unlike massage, clients remain fully clothed during an energy healing session.  Prior to beginning a session, the client will discuss any specific concerns or desired results with the practitioner.  During an energy healing session you may or may not feel anything more than deep relaxation but the practitioner will be using their own energy to help alleviate blockages in your own energy fields.